Subject: Game design principles for mental healthcare therapy
Partner: Parnassia Bavo, Ranj
Project Leader: Dr. Valentijn Visch


The NextLevel project will generate generic game design principles for gamification of mental health interventions. These design principles will be derived from gamifications of a set of six interventions. To ensure the generic applicability of the game design principles, the effect of the gamifications are tested by means of RCTs on:
a) the two main classes of intervention type that are in used in e-health (i.e. cognitive training and cognitive behavioural therapy);
b) the two main categories of patient disorders (i.e. externalizing and internalizing disorders);
c) single patient factors (i.e. comorbidity, context of use, and treatment context).

The RCTs will compare the effect of the gamified interventions versus the non-gamified interventions and critically test the expected incremental effect of gamification on the clinical effectiveness of the intervention and on the patient’s performance and experience. Knowledge of the incremental effect of gamification is mental healthcare is often assumed but almost never proved. Summarized, NextLevel will increase the value of serious game design for mental healthcare by obtaining validation effects of gamification, by presenting game design principles, and by providing guidelines for implementation.

Community Net

Community Net (Bas Stroomer)

Community Net encourages community care in order to prolong independent living. This is done by enabling the next generation elderly to activate and maintain a local network of potential caregivers. The eldery can use the Community Net t to communicate with family, friends, neighbors and other potential caregivers and to send and receive informal requests.


Cloudy (Daphne van den Brule)

This project is game-based therapeutic intervention for burnout patients to increase their engagement with their therapy. The purpose of the game is to develop skills in the virtual world to make a burnout patient more confident in dealing with others. Since the game will be designed for this serious purpose it can be placed within the serious game genre.