Subject: Future products and services in hip surgery
Partner: Biomet, Reinier de Graaf Hospital
Project Leader: Prof. dr. ir. Richard Goossens


The goal of this research project is the creation of a new care system experience in joint health that maximizes wellbeing, efficiency, comfort and safety by learning from patient experiences and their health outcomes.
The HiPP programme comprises five work packages focusing on patient empowerment, professional skills, interventions, emerging technologies and care models. The work packages contribute to an overall patient experience journey that describes the different phases in a patient's changing hip health experience.


Three different partners work together:
Biomet, a multinational healthcare organization with a broad range of products and services that helps orthopedic surgeons provide personalized care to patients (One surgeon. One patient).
Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft, one of the top clinical hospitals in the Netherlands that focuses on patient centered care.
The Medisign research group at Delft University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, that specializes in user centered design of products and services for healthcare.


Biocoach (Alec Momont, Mick Winters, Kiki Kraak, Simon Desnerck, Mathijs de Schipper, Samy Andary. The concept idea was the result of Andriy Yasynetskyy during the Exploring Interaction course)

The biocoach is a guide for patients who are rehabilitating from a knee or hip replacement while doing their exercises as instructed by their physiotherapist. The device records the movements of the patient as well as his pain level during the day.

Color Coding

Color Coding (Giannis Anastasiadis)

Color Coding is a design that facilitates teamwork during orthopaedic surgery. The device shows the different stages of the surgery to promote clearness, structure and collaboration between the staff members.