Human Thermal Environments

  • Course Code: ID5455
  • ECTS: 3
  • Language: English

The course will consist of four lectures where the following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to the basic principles of human thermoregulation where heat exchange mechanisms between human body and the surrounding environment, thermal perception, body temperature also with relation to age and gender, thermophysiological responses and thermal comfort will be addressed.
  • Introduction to environments and health conditions where human thermoregulation is challenged. Followed by various examples of designing products that support human thermoregulation under such challenging conditions. For example clothing and personal cooling systems used to increase exercise performance in athletes, to relieve neurological symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis or to relieve heat strain in professionals such as fire-fighters will be discussed.
  • Introduction to the basics of various mathematical models of human thermoregulation and thermal comfort such as Gagge, Stolwijk and Fiala model.
  • Exploring the use of the mathematical models of human thermoregulation to improve the well-being and performance for office occupants and application of personal cooling systems.
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