• Course Code: NB4130TU
  • ECTS: 3
  • Language: English

Life has evolved solutions to an extraordinary range of problems and can itself be engineered to perform new functions. This has already inspired and enabled a broad range of technological innovations—from wind power and robotics to waste water treatment, architecture, computer science and beyond—but we have only begun to scratch the surface of what biology has to offer. To be able to effectively discover biological solutions and translate them to technology, engineers and designers need an understanding of the life sciences.

In this TU Delft-wide course, you will learn key concepts in biology and develop skills needed to add biomimicry and bioengineering to your toolbox. The biological content of the course will be linked to biomimicry- and bioengineering examples from all TU Delft disciplines. You will engage in diverse learning modes: interactive lectures (available on Brightspace); in-class problem solving sessions; reading of a biology textbook; online reading quizzes; in-class discussion of biomimicry and bioengineering examples; and a group project in which you will develop a proposal for a novel bio-inspired innovation and an oral or video presentation to share this idea with others. Feedback on your learning progress will come from reading quizzes and your teacher, teaching assistants and peers.

Students of all programs can apply, but there are limited available spaces!

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