Human Movement Control A: Musculoskeletal Mechanics

In short

Course code BM 1240
Education period 3
Coordinator Dr. ir. E. de Vlugt


Lectures on Monday (8:45-10:45) and Friday (10:45-12:45)

Requirements to pass
Assignments and a written exam


The kinematics of the human skeleton system and the mechanical properties of the human skeletal muscles are central in this course. You will do research within the Delft Neuromuscular Control Laboratory (NMC-Lab) on physiology and patho-physiology. Knowledge about these topics will be formalized (modelling) and analysed using model simulations with Matlab and/or Simulink. You will also visit the dissection room of Amsterdam, to do a cadaver study.

Subjects are about movements of bony segments, joints (mechanical impedance) and muscles (force generation and impedance regulation) of the human skeleton system. The effects of several neuro-muscular disorders such as strokes and Cerebral Palsy.