Biomedical Engineering Design

In short

Course code WB 2308
Education period 2
Coordinator Dr. ir. D.H. Plettenburg


Lectures on Wednesday (15:45-17:45) Thursday (8:45-10:45) and Friday (13:45-15:45) (First half)
Lectures on Wednesday (13:45-15:45) (Second half)

Requirements to pass
A presentation and a report in groups of two


In biomedical engineering, the design specifications are fundamentally different from those in industry, since safety, force transmission or distribution and energy-efficiency are more important than precise motion. You will design a medical device in the field of orthopaedic surgery or rehabilitation technology (prosthesis or orthotics) and discuss design processes of illustrative examples (system analysis, design approach, topology synthesis, system alternatives and improvements, dimensional optimization, choice of components).

Examples of subjects are arm and hand prosthetics, arm orthotics and exoskeletons, control of prosthetics and orthotics, minimally access orthopaedic surgery, arthroscopy, transmission of forces, influence of viscoelastic materials on the behaviour of mechanical systems, static balancing, pneumatics, low-friction mechanisms, medical terminology.