Bio-Inspired Design

In short

Course code WB 2436-12
Education period 3 & 4
Coordinator Dr. ir. P. Breedveld


Lectures on Wednesday (10:45-12:45) and Friday (13:45-15:45) (Period 1)
Lectures on Wednesday (8:45-10:45) and Thursday (10:45-12:45) (Period 2)

Requirements to pass
A scientific paper, a final presentation and a demonstration model in groups


In this course, you will learn how to create a smart and truly innovative design, with the ACCREx design method (alternating intuitive brainstorming with logical, scientific abstracting and categorising). An overview of non-conventional mechanical approaches in biology will be given and how these approaches can lead to more innovation in mechanical design and to better (simpler, smaller, more robust, etc.) technical solutions will be shown. Organisms form the basis of this course.

Subjects include strength at low weight, stiffness with soft structures, robustness and redundancy, storing energy in springs, energetically efficient muscle configurations, biological vibration systems, clamping with hands, claws, suction, glue, dry- and wet adhesion, biological walking, swimming, crawling and flying methods, locomotion of micro- and single-celled-organisms, simple laws for complex behaviour, evolution and engineering of living systems.