Project Usability and User eXperience Assessment in Design

In short

Course code ID 4256
Education period 3 & 4
Coordinator Dr. T. Boersema


Lecture on Monday (13:45-15:45)
Teamwork on Monday (8:45-12:45) and Thursday (13:45-17:45)
Meetings on Tuesday (13:45-17:45) or Wednesday (13:45-17:45)

Requirements to pass:
Project presentations, reports and a movie


This research-oriented project focuses on optimizing the interaction and user experience of an existing product through iterative cycles of usage evaluations and redesigns. For this purpose, an existing product is analyzed in a user study. Next, you will redesign the product and optimize interaction and user experience. Then an interactive prototype of the design proposal is built and tested in a second user study to develop a final redesign.


A redesign of Tanita BCM (Otto van Biessum, Fleur Derks, Tine de Graaf, Julia Nacsa, Khoa Nguyen, Camilo Ramirez)

Tanita BCM is a device that uses bio-electrical impedance analysis for measuring various physiological values such as muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage etc. of each segment of the body separately. The device consists of a hand-held interface and a bottom part to stand on.

The redesign concept of a device-service combination extends the original Tanita BCM with an online service that provides users not only with a detailed overview of their measurements, but also connects them to a social motivation team with people that share the same health goals. The online service, accessed via networked devices (PC, phone, tablet), becomes an additional channel for reviewing measurement results and progress, setting health goals and connecting with the team.


A redesign of MyFitnessPal (Kiki den Blanken, Paul Nannen, Yawen Diao, Bouwe de Planque, Lotte Jacobse)

MyFitnessPal is an application designed to help its users lose or gain weight by keeping track of their daily food intake and exercise patterns.

The redesign concept helps the user to experience the application like a real pal who guides him. Furthermore, the concept helps the user to feel like exploring and playing with a box of blocks.


A redesign of Ascom Home Gateway (Aline van Vliet, Bob Janssen, Danielle Ceulemans, Diego Alatorre, Dorien de Groot, Merel Lieverse)

The AHG is a device that serves to aid elderly in living independently for as long as possible. Its main function is the alarm function, which allows users to press an alarm button, either on the device itself or on a pendant/wristband, to send out an emergency call.

SELF is a watch that also functions as a portable AHG, with a range of functionalities that suits the wants and needs of the elderly as well as the form of the solution. The functions include the option to call other inhabitants in the extra care home, medicine reminders, activity reminders, an agenda and the ability to change settings like brightness and volume.

Bodycomposition monitor redesign

Bodycomposition monitor redesign (Aniek de Jong, Jeroen van de Ruit, Karen Thomson, Paulien Verlaan, Wout Kommer)

A bodycomposition monitor provides the user insights in his own bodycomposition: next to weight, the body mass index, muscle percentage, fat percentage, resting metabolism and visceral fat can be measured.

The redesign invites the user to keep track of his body composition and helps him to keep motivated by providing him usefull insights about earlier measurements. The straightforward interface can be controlled by rotating the screen.