Joint Master Project

In short

Course code ID 4045
Education period 1 & 2 or 3 & 4
Coordinator Ir. H. Kuijpers


Project on several days

Requirements to pass:
Project presentations and reports


Joint Master Project is a complete innovative product development process, starting with a strategic product plan for the company, resulting in a design assignment. The design assignment concludes with the making of a prototype of the designed product and a plan for market introduction. The group exists of students from all three IDE masters and the project is carried out in cooperation with an industrial company.

Elderly falling and stability training

Elderly falling and stability training (Daan Vos, Emiel den Exter, Şebnem Cezayirlioğlu, Viki Pavlič, Wesley de Groot, Amit Ganguly)

The Evenaar is an exercise device for enhancing an elderly users’ balance. It is a professional physiotherapeutic device used for at physiotherapy centres, clinics and elderly homes. Device motivates the user to play fun games, which are proven to improve one’s balance.


The extra layer of muscles (Anna Stekelenburg, Chia CunWu, Flora Poppelaars, Hadewig Boerman, Giannis Anastasiadis, Zsuzsa Nagy)

The final product Exo Core helps people with decreased leg functionality to find balance. It supports this target group to stand and walk more independently and eliminates the need of a carer.


A walking aid for blind or impaired elderly (Floris van Lohuizen, Jasper de Vreede, Mara Rosendahl, Dorine van Schaik, Mingus Vogel, Rick Blokdijk)

The Vidi is a walking-aid, that besides supporting the physically and visually impaired user also helps him navigate around obstacles. The Vidi detects obstacles and let the user know where they are through vibrations in the handles. These vibrations let the user know if the obstacles are in front or on the side of the walking-aid, so that the user is able to navigate around these obstacles.