Exploring Interactions

In short

Course code ID 4250
Education period 1 & 2
Coordinator Dr. I.J. Mulder


Project on Tuesday (8:45-12:45) and Thursday (8:45-12:45)

Requirements to pass:
Project presentations and reports


In this project, current interactions are analyzed to generate starting points for innovative designs and develop new design concepts for interactions. Interactions between the concept and the user are central, and through testing with several prototypes, the concept is being refined throughout the project.

See: Studiolab EI for more information and other projects

A way for nurses to release stress

A way for nurses to release stress(Esther de Winter)

Developing a way to release stress for nurses working in Dutch nursing homes, with this reducing the risk on joint issues. To reach this goal I want nurses to feel more relaxed by distracting them from their stress by making them enjoy the specific moment they are in at that time.

Awareness of training intensity

Awareness of training intensity (Bob Janssen)

Designing a product or service that ensures that students who jog in the city adopt a healthy running lifestyle. The interaction should be engaging and fulfilling while provoking awareness of the body in the runner.

Patients self management

Patients self management (Tommie Varekamp)

Creating awareness about the personal progress and limits of patients while taking into account the role of the Physiotherapist. The interaction vision is formulated as; feeling the satisfaction of pushing your limits with small steps at the time.

Nurse 2.0

Nurse 2.0 (Sandra Ramirez Herrera)

A tool that enhances the labor of the visiting nurses of psychiatric patients facing depression.

Enhancing well-being of breast cancer patients

Enhancing well-being of breast cancer patients (Samira Darkaoui)

Enhancing the psychological well-being of female breast cancer patients during chemotherapy by making them feel less uncomfortable and distract them from the unpleasant feelings. The design should distract the patient by creating an interaction with the qualities: effortless, relaxing and peaceful.