Advanced Embodiment Design

In short

Course code ID 4175
Education period 3 & 4
Coordinator Dr. E. Karana


Lectures on Tuesday (10:45-17:45) and Thursday (10:45-15:45)
Practicum on Monday (13:45-17:45), Thursday (15:45-17:45) and/or Friday (13:45-17:45)
Project the whole week

Requirements to pass:
Project presentations and reports
A written exam


This course focuses on the embodiment phase of the product design process of the product creation process: from a program of requirements (costs, quantity, quality, etc.) and working principles to a validated prototype of a product. The project requires the integration of knowledge and expertise of embodiment design, product aesthetics and experiece, smart systems & technologies, technical concept materialization, sustainable design engineering and advanced design enablers.


BioCoach (Alec Momont, Mick Winters, Kiki Kraak, Simon Desnerck, Mathijs de Schipper, Samy Andary)

The biocoach is a guide for patients who are rehabilitating from a knee or hip replacement while doing their exercises as instructed by their physiotherapist. The device records the movements of the patient as well as his pain level during the day. During this project, six students worked on the embodiment of the BioCoach (the concept idea was the result of Andriy Yasynetskyy during the course Exploring Interactions.