Advanced Concept Design

In short

Course code ID 4170
Education period 1 & 2
Coordinator Dr. ir. A. Albayrak


Lectures on Tuesday (8:45-10:45) and Thursday (13:45-15:45)
Drawing classes on Tuesday (13:45-17:45) or Thursday (8:45-12:45)
Project on Wednesday

Requirements to pass:
Project presentations and reports
A written exam


This course focuses on the conceptualization phase of the product design process in a real design project with a company. The final concept should be elaborated in a sense of usability, aesthetical quality and value, technical working principles and materialization and its cultural and societal impact.

De Soos

An interactive communication and recreation for teenagers with cancer in the NKOC (Linda Giesselink)

The Soos will invite teenagers from the age 13 till 18 years to get out of their bed and their room, to come to the interactive environment, be physically active and it promotes interaction with peers, friends and family. The interactive environment consists out of an interactive floor, an interactive wall and an interactive relax unit.


Establishing a positive association towards medication (Charlotte Schreuder)

Buddy is the helping hand in reminding and supporting of people who need to take medicines and reflect afterwards. Buddy changes colour when it is time to take medication and if the user is in a different room, it produces sound. The shape, texture and warmth of the product stimulates the user to experience a moment of calmness and positivity.


Motivating pain patients to move more (Jaco Jansen)

This device tracks the amount of movement throughout the day when worn. Additionally, Vigo brace asks the user for feedback on how he or she feels in terms of pain. Vigo is able to create a personal profile that is unique to the user that can be viewed and used in the software part of Vigo. This allows the user to reflect on his own habits.

The Guardian

A Stair mobility support concept (Niek Marks)


Eased minds on a distance (Michael Jenkins)

A communication tool for the child and an handheld for the parent to achieve freedom, independency and emotional comfort for both parent and child.