Experiencing Persuasive Envirionments

In short

Course code ID 5212
Education period 2
Coordinator Dr. ir. A.P.O.S. Vermeeren

*Counts only as a Medisign elective when the project is related to healthcare.


Lectures on Wednesday (9:45-12:45)

Requirements to pass
Assignments (with a Medisign focus)


This elective does only count as Medisign elective if your assignments have a Medisign focus. This is in consultation with the coördinator.

You will learn about persuasion: (in general) a social influence mechanism, or a form of interaction that aims at changing the way people think or behave. During the course, you will analyse existing persuasive designs and ethical issues that come with these designs. At the end, you will be able to apply your insights and knowledge in an integrative design assignment.

This course will deal with issues like: designing for behavioural change, mechanisms and conditions for persuasion, play and games as motivators, ethics of persuasive design, the role of user experience in design for behavioural change, persuasion in technical networked environments as well as physical and social environments.