Anatomy and Surgical Techniques for Engineers

In short

Course code ID 5711
Education period 3
Coordinator Prof. dr. ir. R.H.M. Goossens


Every two weeks lectures on Thursday (9:00-12:30) and practicums on Thursday (13:00-15:00)

Requirements to pass
A report and a presentation


You will be taught in the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam about the body’s musculo-skeletal system and anatomy. A doctor specialized in this field will give inspiring lectures about bones and joints, vessels and nerves, elbow, wrist and hand, back, pelvis and hip, knee and ankle and he will introduce you to the dissection room.

You will vist the dissection room several times and there you will get insights in different parts of the body. During the last visit, you will even get the opportunity to dissect a knee-joint yourself. Furthermore, basic techniques of minimal invasive surgery will be shown and you will practise those techniques.

The design in the report should be inspired by the anatomy of the human body or by the surgical/dissection tools or operations.


Perpetmed (Leon Neve, Jeroen van de Ruit)

In this concept, two problems are combined into one solution. The first problem is the large amount of plastic waste in a hospital environment and lack of recycling programs. The second problem is painful joints during surgery and tools lacking in design for ergonomics. The solution is to use the waste to 3D print handles for surgical instruments which are custom fitted.