The healthcare sector today faces many challenges.

Well-designed products and services are the perfect facilitators for sustainable change. The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing and changing industries across the world. It is heavily affected by societal challenges like ageing and global developments, such as patient empowerment and heavy use of technology.

The Medisign MSc specialisation educates dedicated and skilled design engineers in topics, such as user experience in healthcare, integrated care, basic surgical skills and biomechanics. A basic educational principle of the specialisation is that students apply their knowledge and skills in direct contact with stakeholders: healthcare professionals, patients and informal caregivers. Application areas range from design for the operating room to mental health to elderly care. The topics of care, cure and prevention are addressed in both research and education.

How to Qualify for Medisign Specialization

To specialise in Medisign you are required to complete at least one project worth 9 EC and a thesis project focusing on Medisign. Additionally, you need to select at least 9 EC from the Medisign electives list. Other projects and modules with a healthcare focus are optional. During the classes and the graduation project the emphasis is on human-center design and communication with the interested. In addition, it is necessary to contact Ron de Vos (R.P.deVos (@) and notify your intention to specialize in Medisign.

Electives (Industrial Design Engineering Faculty)

Medisign electives have between 3 and 6 ECTS and a duration of one or two quarters. Capita Selecta is highly recommended and it is available in the first and third quarters, while other electives depend on each semester. Other electives may require to have previous knowledge or be given with other courses, each one needs to be checked on an elective basis.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Health Business Development Lab
Health Psychology: Tools and Methods
Context Mapping Skills*
Rules & Regulations for Designing Medical Devices
Inclusive Design*
Experience and Persuasion*
Capita Selecta Medisign Capita Selecta Medisign
Anatomy and Surgical Techniques for Engineers

Upcoming Electives