YOUNG Medical Delta

Medisign, along with nine other studies in health, life sciences and technology on Bachelor, Master, and PhD level is a proud partner of YOUNG Medical Delta (YMD). YMD is part of the Medical Delta network, which is focussed on students and young professionals in this field. The goal of YOUNG Medical Delta is to create a platform for students, young researchers and young professionals who are at the starting point of their career in life sciences, health and technology.

YOUNG Medical Delta offers:

  • updates on all kind of events in health, life science and technology via the newsletter and the Facebook page.
  • Connections between different study associations by organising different events, e.g. the Dutch Hacking Health.
  • Sponsoring and promotion of events organised by YMD partners
  • Internships for master or PHD students in the field of health, life science and technology

All YOUNG Medical Delta partners:

  • Variscopic – Bsc Clinical Technology, Delft/Rotterdam/Leiden
  • Hooke – Nanobiology, Delft/Rotterdam
  • LIFE – Life Science & Technology, Delft/Leiden
  • Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek – Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanical Design, Delft
  • Medisign – Industrial Design Engineering, Delft
  • M.F.V.R. – Medicine, Rotterdam
  • V.C.M.S. – Medicine with interest in surgery, Rotterdam
  • Promeras – Erasmus MC Association for PhD candidates
  • M.F.L.S. – Medicine, Leiden
  • LAP – LUMC Association for PhD candidates
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